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Just what is a Whole Life Platform?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In short, a Whole Life candidate has your back from womb to tomb. As a human being, created in the image and likeness of God, you do not simply have the right to be born, but you have the right to thrive. A Whole Life candidate will be there to make sure you have the necessary supports to achieve your fullest potential, even if you run into trouble along the way.

In a longer form, it’s all about justice and human dignity. Making Whole Life politics a reality requires a wide array of platform positions beyond being anti-abortion.

  1. A strong Whole life agenda begins with the Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion plank aimed at making abortion not just illegal, but unthinkable. We have to support mothers and families. We have to make a world into which people want to bring children.

  2. It continues with workplace and social supports for new and expecting parents, for parents of school-age children and parents of special needs children.

  3. All children have a right to learn in a safe environment, equipped with access to first-class technological, nutritional, and mental health resources.

  4. Whether a young adult chooses to go to college, trade school, or directly into the workforce, he or she should be able to do so without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, orientation, or other arbitrary factors. Every effort should be made to provide access to higher education or vocational training for every person.

  5. The workplace should provide that any person can live a comfortable, yet frugal life no matter what their line of work. It should be reasonable that single-income families, whatever their make-up, are viable. Access to appropriate health care should be obtainable, but not at a cost that causes financial ruin.

  6. A robust safety net must be in place to prevent life’s ups and downs from becoming a life-sentence of poverty and despair. That net should be free of any entanglements that prevent a person from recovering to their former state (or better) as soon as possible.

  7. No person, no matter how ill, should be denied the basic sustenance of food and water or have any action taken to prematurely end their life. The right to die will inevitably become the duty to die, as we see in other countries and occasionally our own.

  8. There are very few just reasons to go to war, and those criteria are seldom met. The innocent and non-combatants inevitably suffer the most. We must, in good faith, exhaust all other possibilities before engaging in armed conflict.

  9. The death penalty has no place in modern society. It must end.

This a brief and incomplete overview of what it means to be a Whole Life politician. As your representative in the Senate, I will fight for the right to thrive for you and for all Americans. To do that, I need your support. We are in this fight together. Ask yourself, “Are you ready?”

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